Japanese Inn BANSUITEI IKOISO RYOKAN is located in the heart of city of Sendai

Bansuitei Ikoiso Ryokan

Located in the heart of Sendai, the hub of the northeastern area of Japan, Ikoiso is nestled in a quiet corner of the city. Our commitment to cleanliness, reasonable prices, and offering our guests an authentic Japanese experience with modern conveniences make Ikoiso an ideal location for business or travel.

Tradition and History

Ikoiso has been welcoming visitors to Sendai for nearly 50 years. In order to better provide a place of relaxation with modern amenities, the hotel was heavily remodeled in 2001. Of course you can still expect our continuing professional and friendly service along with a true Japanese experience during your stay.

The hotel’s name is derived from being located in the Bansui area of Sendai. Bansui was a poet and is perhaps best remembered for writing the lyrics to Kojo no Tsuki (Moon Over The Ruined Castle), a classic Sendai song. Furthermore “Ikoiso” means place of relaxation. We hope you can learn about Japan and relax during your stay.

Building Design

Ikoiso is a two story Japanese-style hotel. The main entrance is modeled after a tea house. Across from the entrance you can see a noren. A noren is a shop curtain that was originally used to keep out the sun. It was very popular in the Edo period (17th-19th century) as a store front. Please take a look at it while you come in and out of the hotel.

Recommendation stay plan
Online reservation for the budget-minded traveler!
Japanese style room

Ikoiso offers Japanese style tatami rice mat rooms. Single, double, and triple rooms are available. Rooms include wireless LAN internet.
Easy access to downtown shopping, sightseeing, and Sendai’s annual festivals.
The lobby provides free computer use for internet browsing and email.
Double occupancy per room from 5,700 yen per person.

One night stay with Japanese style breakfast

Kisuke’s beef tongue dish

The traditional homemade breakfast is served in the 1st floor "Basho" dining room.
Guests who stays in our hotel can order the "Today's Menu".
Miyagi Pref. is famous for rice. We are using special rice called "Sasanishiki" cultivated in Tome city.
Try sampling some delicious foods in our relaxing dining hall while wearing a yukata?

Double occupancy with breakfast from 6,700 yen per person

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Michelin Japon Inn -published-

Michelin Japan listed Ikoiso on page 390 of their French edition "JAPON VOYAGER PRATIQUE" publication.

Bansuitei Ikoiso Ryokan Inn 1-8-31 Kimachidori Aoba-Ku Sendai Miyagi Japan 980-0801
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